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We strive to increase the sensitivity and creativity of Polish fashion recipients. BeU – make your style unique.


Be Unique Fashion Showroom Warsaw is clothing agency which introduces fashion brands on the Polish market. Collections are available in our showroom in the center of Warsaw. We follow the trends and development of individual brands. We strongly believe in the traditional business model – boutiques with an original collection of selected fashion brands by Merchants who knows the local needs and tastes of their clients.

In recent years, in the Polish fashion sector “middle class” and “upper middle class”, we have noticed a large demand for Italian fashion brands. What was the most important for us? The materials quality and the brands history. Each of our companies are a long-term business run by Italian families. During the visit to the factories, we gained confidence that we will provide our clients the best quality. All collections are designed and produced in Italy under the constant supervision of their creators.

Thanks to this, MADE IN ITALY is the heart and soul of products.

Krystyna Mich


Fashion merchant and exclusive clothing boutique owner. Has a wide range of fashion contacts from all over Poland and a great knowledge of fashion and customer expectations, supported by many years of experience.

Zuzanna Brzezińska Mich


Longtime specialist in advertising and PR. She produced many advertising spots and creates brand visions.


Our collections are exposed in an inspiring and elegant space, filled with coffee aroma. We focus on materials quality and the diversity of brands.Our goal is to make every visit time efficient and make it as a promise of the next one. We believe that we have created a unique fashion venue.

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Be Unigue Fashion Showroom Warsaw
ul: Jana Styki 27
03-928 Warszawa
tel: +48 792 44 21 21